Deaf-Hearing Communication

[... A whole conversation been going on ...]

[Violence] Bender Trinsec says, "I could communicate very well with [Japanese Girl I Know]'s parents. They didn't know any English or ASL. International sign was surprisingly sufficient."
[Violence] Bender Trinsec says, "It's very commendable.. they are deaf, didn't know English, didn't know ASL.. and yet they went to visit their daughter in D.C. all by their own."
[Violence] Ender says, "Damn."
[Violence] Bender Trinsec says, "Cool, huh?"
[Violence] Ender says, "They just knew international sign, or did they do the usual 'point and FUUUUU' thing?"
[Violence] Ender says, "And yes."
[Violence] Bender Trinsec says, "Well, international sign is a bit broad."
[Violence] Ender dealt with 500 Japanese people on Diamond Princess. I know like 65 japanese words.
[Violence] Bender Trinsec says, "And no, it was not a simple 'point and FUUUU'"
[Violence] Ender even had a lost kid.
[Violence] Bender Trinsec says, "You will almost never see that with the average deaf person to another deaf person. They somehow manage to get to 'international sign'"
[Violence] Ender told him to stop. Then come with me.
[Violence] Ender says, "Useful, that. In both cases."
[Violence] Ender will brb, head call.
[Violence] Bender Trinsec says, "But that's because most hearing people have very little imagination to even sign a 'drink' if they want to drink."
[Violence] Bender Trinsec met a lot of hearing people who are outright morons. I sign 'write' and say 'pen paper', deaf people would've understood I wanted to write down something. Hearing people usually stare at you as if you're a thetan.
[Violence] Bender Trinsec says, "Hearing people only understand 'point and FUUUUUUUU', which is maybe why you see deaf people only doing that if you see them trying to make sense to a hearing person."
[Violence] Ender says, "lol."

Nuclear power plants

<Public> Jani says, "hehe"
<Public> Jani says, "Politics :P"
<Public> Jani says, "Last government (CDU+SPD) was 'We close all Nuclear power plants', now the new one (CDU+FDP) is 'Sure, we are closing them, but later.'"
<Public> Trinsec says, "Why the fuck do youw ant to close nuclear power plants"
<Public> Trinsec says, "They're one of the few actually reliable rendable power sources"
<Public> Trinsec says, "Sure you have nuclear waste but damn"
<Public> Trinsec says, "I demand more power plants."
<Public> Trinsec says, "More nuclear power plants, that is."
<Public> Trinsec says, "And, of course, more research in greener power sources. But gas and coal definitely ain't."
<Public> Jani mutes Key :P
<Public> Trinsec says, "Ow, why?"
<Public> Jani says, "Not need to write out that what I have in mind"
<Public> Trinsec says, "Go wear your tinfoil hat."
<Public> Jani says, "Yeah"


That was the most ridiculous cat chase I've ever seen.

Suske, my 12-week old kitty, likes to play in the garden, and when I'm indoors I check up on his whereabouts now and then by looking out of the window. Well, at one point Jinx, the Siamese cat of the neighbours, somehow had ended up in my garden, and was about  a half meter away from Suske. Not a good thing, since Sus has yet to get his shots (tomorrow!). Suske stood there, back risen high, tail in Thick Mode, not afraid, more like hisssy angry. Jinx was quite conservative in his approach.

I didn't really want the situation to escalate, it is best if Suske doesn't touch any other cats yet before he's met the vet. So I walked over to them, and Jinx started to flee. What did /not/ help was that Suske followed him, chasing him everywhere. I have to add the little detail that I've placed chickenwire at strategical positions in my garden to deter neighbourhood cats from entering my garden. This in turn also means that it is not exactly possible to /leave/ the garden at those positions either. :P And, naturally, Jinx tried to leave my garden at exactly those positions.

So, Jinx tried to climb up that spot near the shed door... chickenwire gave in but into the completely wrong direction for the poor bugger. He couldn't leave via there. Then he tried to go to the garden door, but that's become a Fort Knox now. Suske followed him there too, I tried to pick him up but... uhm.. well, he looked quite big and I didn't want my hands scratched. Jinx lept and tried to leave via the shed door location again... Again no go, the chickenwire is quite persistent. Again towards Fort Knox, again towards the shed door. It was like watching a double cat ping pong.

Eventually I was like 'Oh for gossakes, just leave via *THAT* part of the fence, man!' and somehow he got the hint and took a giant leap and left via the other part of the fence that was not reinforced with chickenwire. Only then Suske began to calm down somewhat and I could scritchie him. Jinx was easily over twice his size.

I'll be so glad when I go to the vet tomorrow.

Charlie's Age Mishap

Goh, this bothers me after all. I was skimming through Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator, and stumbled on the following scene;

Three of the old farts who are the grandparents of Charlie decided they quite wanted to get younger. Wonka gave them special pills, 12 pieces, each of which could make them younger by twenty years, whoohoo! Those three oldbies are Grandma Georgina, Grandpa George, and Grandma Josephine. They were being greedy and didn't want to share any of those with Grandpa Joe or even the parents of Charlie. Alright. They got four each.

'Lo and behold, they grew younger after gobbling up their pills. Four times twenty ought to be eighty. So, they grew younger by eighty years, passing some nice ages like the twenties and still grew younger and younger. They shrunk until Grandpa George became a one-year old boy, Grandma Josephine became a li'l baby, and Grandma Georgina just... vanished.

After inquiring (and a lot of drama), it turned out that George was eighty-one years old, Josephine was eighty-and-something, and Georgina was seventy-eight (and thus got in the Minus age, and was quite stuck in the Waiting Room).

Oookay. Fun read. But inconsistent, which bothered me straight-away.

I skimmed Charlie and the Chocolate Factory earlier, and I quite remembered a particular sentence, accompanied by one looooong sentence:

"Every one of these old people was over ninety. They were as shrivelled as prunes, and as bony as skeletons, and throughout the day, until Charlie made his appearance, they lay huddled in their one bed, two at either end, with nightcaps on to keep their heads warm, dozing the time away with nothing to do."

No wonder I thought 'um...' when I read about the growing-younger part. I'd think they would become teenagers with their eighty-years-younger deal. Imagine my surprise when they grew (or ungrew) beyond that to become toddlers. :P

I like Mr. Bucket, though (the father). He was amused throughout all this and was quite pleased to see his mother-in-law um... gone. :D

"'Hooray!' said Mr Bucket. 'My mother-in-law's minus two years old!'"


Terrible movie overall. Wasted 2 hours of my life watching this drivel. Ending sucks worse than A.I. and Indiana Jones 4 combined. Overly religious overtones that makes you puke.

It's a shame, because the first 30 minutes of the movie was actually quite interesting, but damn... whoever wrote this should DIE!

Moved to the living room

Preparing for an overhaul in one of the rooms of your place is always such a hassle. Right now I am in the process of clearing out a whole wall in my computer room. This also means that the big desk with my computer stuff has to go, and my precious computer with my precious dual monitor setup has to find a place somewhere else in my house.

The living room is the sole place where my computer could go and be connected. Cleared the small table in the corner, and put the huge 21" monitor there (it's a CRT, the TFT era hasn't entered my house yet) along with the smaller 17" one on a side table. I did manage to carry the 21" all by myself, which is quite a feat since it is simply a monster, nay, a behemoth. Internet was easy. Just pull the phone line to the modem, the modem connected to the router, and then the computer to the router. No hassle. Everything's working fine so far, and I'm just glad I could keep my dual monitor setup. There only is no sound for the time being as the amplifier's tucked in some space somewhere.

It's comfortable enough here. ;) Naturally I dragged my desk chair to here.

I'll have to disassemble the large IKEA (Jerker) desk tomorrow, it is heavy. My dad'll have to move the stuff to his storage box, I won't be using it anymore if things go well. The IKEA (Billy) bookcases, though, I'll have to move them around until they can go back to their places.

I've designed my own desk and it'll span almost the whole length of my computer room, minus 60cm of a corner bookcase. It'll be wall-mounted, meaning that there will be plenty of leg room below. The desk is going to be dark red with a matt silver edge. The rails and the supports of the mounts are going to be matt silver too. And I thought it'd be fun if the wall will be the same colour red as the desk will be. The other 3 walls will be painted white (eventually). The other shelves on the wall will be of the normal light wood variety, the same as my IKEA furniture (I've got quite a bunch of bookcases in that room).

I'm not looking forward to the actual work that I'll be doing soon. :P Especially painting the walls seems a huge hassle to me. I'm looking forward to the end result, though. I will have plenty of shelf space after this is done, and my huge new desk will be a sight to behold! (And can easily support all 3 monitors, and some more.) I guess clearing the area is the most of the work, and I'm almost done with that. And now that my computer's moved and working in the living room, I should be more at ease.

Even though I'm pretty sure on the design of my desk, I'm still kind of pondering about which shade of red to take for the wall and desk. You seriously have never thought there are so many kinds of red until you really have to choose one pretty soon. :P I'm open to suggestions, it has to be a strong darkish red, but not too dark and not too bright and.. well.. you guess it, problem! I'll have to stroll around the DIY store and grab a colour chart, I guess. I kind of worry a little whether this won't be a bit too dark. But then, I'd be using light wooden shelves which might brighten it up a bit. And besides, it'll be only one wall, the others will be white. Might balance it all out eventually. I only have to replace the carpet somewhere, which is now a drab worn out dark blue. Wanted to replace that for laminate flooring, anyway. (You can see where my chair usually is.. very very worn out. :D)

Well, I've got another night to think about the details. If you want to see my nice living room setup, you can check it here.


I think it is utterly, fuckerly, retarded for Paint.NET to not have a feather selection and shrink/grow selection tools. Seriously, wtf, it's a basic necessity. I had to install GiMP just for this, and grab me a portion of PSD Plugin for Paint.NET to be able to share files between those two.

Well, at least I succeeded with this weird workaround, and a buddy of mine got a nice new snazzy header for his blog later.

CD Checks ward off honest customers :P

<Games/MMO> Warden Trinsec says, "I want to play a game, that's for sure.. but what game to play.."
<Games/MMO> Warden Trinsec goes get a no-cd crack for morrowind
<Games/MMO> Warden Trinsec says, "It's retarded to have the Cd in... I'm not going to search for my CD somewhere, it's installed and simply shoudl be able to run like that"
<Games/MMO> Warden Trinsec says, "This is bloody stupid, can't find a good one or at least not for 1.6.1820"
<Games/MMO> Warden Trinsec searches for the goddamned cds
<Games/MMO> Warden Trinsec says, "Last time I buy a game legally with this stupid cd checks"


The title is Dutch, and means 'flower market', which happens at every Good Friday (the Friday before easter) in my town. (I only learned that today, guess I stayed home before at every Good Friday. :P)

There were a lot of plants. All kinds. After the first 10 plants or so, though, I've seen them all and kinda filtered them out of my vision. :P I wish it was a book market or something, I'd be able to walk around for hours and hours, just looking for interesting stuff. Though.. maybe not. I'm not too interested in Dutch literature overall. Needless to say we didn't buy any plants, I don't need more, my garden's pretty full as is. If I'd ever move to another place with a garden, I'd just take my plants with me. 80% of my current plants are what I've planted myself, and they're all in decent shape and a bunch are worth taking along.

In a large stall selling belts of all kinds, I looked at a plate with some bucklers on it. One was shaped like an oldtimer, and I exclaimed to my mother that it was the perfect gift for my dad for his birthday. My dad's completely nuts about old cars, he goes to every oldtimer show and such. So, I've bought that buckler and a nice belt, and it'll be a few months before I can hand it over to my dad. ;) Ssh, don't tell him. It's supposed to be a surprise. ;)

Also visited V&D for some nice food in its La Place. I took a foccaccia with cajun chicken. Mom took something salad-ish. And, of course, I took a freshly squeezed orange juice. I'd call -that- the nectar of the gods, can't beat it.

In the books and electronics section of V&D, I found a large box with all budget books. I took 3 youth novels for 5 euro, ach.. can't be a bad buy for that price. ;) The electronics section was dull. 5+ years ago, it used to be interesting and they'd have a lot of budget PC games, of which I bought quite a bunch. But nowadays? Too neatly lined up with all not-too-cheap games and all that. I did look at World of Warcraft (Euro version) and pondered, it was only 15 euro for the basic game nowadays, but decided against it. I'll have to get some other plans in motion first if I ever consider getting an active WoW account for something else. Rest assured that it -will not- be gaming for the sake of just gaming. For that, it's gotten to be too boring. :P

All in all, a pretty busy day, literally due to the gajillion people present. There were a lot of street artists who drew on the sidewalks with their crayons. Mostly faces of girls with some flowers around them, they don't have any creativity beyond that. :P I wanted to see badass things, not faces of darn girls. There were also people who drew caricature heads for free, but from what I've seen so far it is a good thing that it's free 'cause those weren't exactly the most brilliant pieces of work I've seen.

So yeah, quite busy, lots of people, lots of plants, lots of artists. I'll look forward to April..... 30th, I think. Then there'll be a giant fleamarket in town.

Oh wow, this is useful!

<Compooters> Trinsec ohs and hmms at 'curl'.. now taht's an interesting command
<Compooters> Giotto says, "Where would we be without curl and wget?"
<Compooters> Trinsec says, "I've honestly never heard of curl before today. :)"
<Compooters> Trinsec says, "Then my RSS feed brought me to this and I was like 'whoa': http://www.simplehelp.net/2009/04/07/how-to-find-your-public-ip-address-with-the-linux-command-line/"
<Compooters> Trinsec says, "And I checked man for every option shown there of curl and egrep (-o gets only the matched stuff, -s is silent mode).. and yeah"
<Compooters> Trinsec says, "Quite simple"
<Compooters> Trinsec says, "Man, this is useful"
<Compooters> Giotto says, "Hadn't you ever heard of wget, either?"
<Compooters> Trinsec says, "No, I'm not that far under a rock :D"
<Compooters> Anne laughs.
<Compooters> Trinsec knows wget ;)
<Compooters> Trinsec says, "But curl wasn't even -installed- on my server ;)"
<Compooters> Trinsec says, "I just installed it ;)"
<Compooters> Giotto says, "Aaah..."
<Compooters> Trinsec says, "It's one of those things that you are like 'oh wow, wish I'd know about this before, this is useful!'"
<Compooters> Little Jani says, "hehe"
<Compooters> Giotto says, "Well, yeah, curl does more or less what wget does. There are differences, of course, but they are in the same class, as far as I know."
<Compooters> Trinsec says, "and followed immediately by 'well, I'd not know -what- I'd use it for, but I'm sure it's damn useful!'"
<Compooters> Anne snickers.
<Compooters> Giotto laughs.