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Trinsec Trua
15 October 1978
Just a FYI: People have regularly asked me whether they can add me to their friends list. My response: Go ahead. I don't care who add me, so you don't need to ask. Thanks. ;)

Let me sum myself up in a nutshell first: Deaf, computer-addict, internet-addict, Neopets-addict, studying to become a teacher, studying English.. Uh, that's it, I think.

At the moment I am studying for Teaching English to anyone (deaf) in particular. Got my own place, and have a cat called Kwini who's better off being called a bitch.

Don't have a car, but I bike everywhere in town. My house's full with computers (well, only the computer room), and I'm longing for more technology at my place.

I do have a garden that I trim in the spring, enjoy in the summer, clean up in fall, and leave alone in winter.

I have lots of wireless equipment for my computers, and even have a WACOM drawing tablet. The one I got is the Graphire3 Studio XL, and I'm loving it so far. This is why you might find a lot of unique hand-drawn paintings of mine. On the majority of those pictures should be a little black key on a yellow background, that means it is made by me.

Oh yeah, why that black key on a yellow background? At one point I had a character in a game with the nickname 'Key', many people have gotten to know me as 'Key' besides 'Trinsec'. So, the key is my 'trademark' so to speak. That is, if I don't forget to slap them on the pictures.

I type mostly in English as that is the language I like to think in. But, as you probably can see in my LJ, I sometimes do type in Dutch because that is where I'm from, the Dutchy-land. Ok, so it is actually known more as Holland, but officially it is the Netherlands. Holland are those two provinces 'North-Holland' and 'South-Holland', so technically to call the Netherlands 'Holland' is wrong. But oh well, like I care.

You may add me to your friends-list if you wish, I don't really care much who's befriended me. Whether I add you is a different story. If I know you, like you, and like what you write, I might add you. To send me one message to ask if you could be my friend is fine. To spam me with those requests means an auto-ban. :) I don't like spam!

I'll add more ramblings on this section later. For now I think you have enough reading material. :D

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